Thoughtful, easy-going full-stack designer.

In short

  • A decade of experience in tech, start ups & media
  • Equally at home in all phases of the product lifecycle, from user research to UI design
  • A lot of thoughts and ideas at all times
  • Kind, funny (according to some)

Other relevant things:

  • Drawing/illustration/art skills (handy for creating visuals, storyboarding, pitching ideas and generally impressing and delighting)
  • Writing major so I’ll edit all the copy in your decks, job listings, etc
  • Front-end skills, which leads to a near frictionless relationship with developers

Other Projects

Kurochka Clothing

Goods and gifts – t-shirts, prints, home decor, and more – inspired by Russian & Ukrainian culture.


More Than Borsch

A book of Russian & Ukrainian recipes, culinary history, foodie literature, and other tidbits.



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