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Design Portfolio

I'm a UX and product designer by trade. I like to learn about people's problems and figure out how to solve them. I love creative and product strategy. I enjoy making things exist when they didn't before, or at least making them exist better.

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I'm also a non-practicing artist, meaning I don't get around to it much. But I love drawing, painting, and illustration. Weird faces are my favorite subject. Weird things in general.

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Kurochka Gifts

Goods and gifts – t-shirts, prints, home decor, and more – inspired by Russian & Ukrainian culture. Co-founded with my mom, Ellen.

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More Than Borsch

A book of Russian & Ukrainian recipes, culinary history, foodie literature, and other tidbits. Co-authored with the very same mother, Ellen.

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About Me, In General

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and grew up in Brooklyn. I majored in Creative Writing and sometimes still write. I have a gray cat named Myshkin. Trying to find the time to teach myself Unity and Spanish. I'm a dabbler and there's always something new to try. Some of my interests that come up most often are Buddhism, the nature of reality, dumb internet culture, immigrant narratives, and ASMR.

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